Snowapple LIVE – Going My Way

‘What is land but a pocket full of sand?’

Going My Way is a song about leaving and not knowing where you’re going. For this special recording session, we invited some great musicians who know from experience what it’s like to have to leave a place you love. Once again we discover that music knows no borders!

Vocals: Snowapple
Male Vocalist: Rashid Alshikh
Clarinet: Ghaeth Almaghoot
Violin: Haian Arshied
Guitar: Bart Hoevenaars
Bass: Caroline Kamp
Percussion ( riq ) : Yousef Laktenh
Percussion ( daf) : Seyed Pouriya Jaberi

Video by: Andres Fouche

Special thanks to: Arab Nights, Mo Benchellal, Iris Vos & Stadsklooster Utrecht

Press About Snowapple:

“Enchanting, twisted and delightfully inventive” (Rock N Reel)

“Theatrical and dream-like” (Americana-UK)

“Beautiful, mysterious, intelligent, unpredictable, fun, feelgood.” (Clew)

“Andrew Sisters meet Kate Bush meet Kurt Weill meet contemporary classical ” (Clew)

“One of the stand-out acts of the entire week in the eccentric, off-kilter shape of Snowapple.
With a backing band consisting of the traditional bass, drums and guitar set-up,
three statuesque women in white-witch-like flowing robes play acoustic instruments and harmonise flawlessly on
a selection of songs that draw on classical music, jazz, medieval folk and indie-rock.
This kind of description does them little justice, but suffice to say they were brimming with rich, luscious melodies and bizarre but beautiful chord changes.
My mouth was left agape, and I duly rushed to grab copies of their two available albums.”(Vic Galloway, BBC Radio)

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