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NOVO | Singer Songwriter (IT)


Singer Songwriter (IT)

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Novo, is a singer-songwriter from Messina, Sicily. Musically it can be placed in the pop / folk scene.
The themes of his texts go from the social to the sentimental, often with an ironic vein, at times controversial.
He took his first steps as a singer in small formations at the age of 19 with classic cover and hard rock but without being able to perform live.
Only at the age of 22, with the Limited Edition group of which he is singer and guitarist in second, with a pop rock repertoire, will perform on several occasions in local and public and private events.
With this training he recorded his first demo entitled “Musa”.
After the experience with the Limited Edition, Novo continues to cultivate his passion for music and in this case in writing and composing music while remaining inactive.
At the age of 25, in 2013, with friends, Danilo Donato (guitarist), Mirco Sapienza (drums), Giuliano Cento (bass) founded Pro Bono, a band whose goal is the production of new songs. Also in this case, besides that of singer, Novo covers the role of second guitarist and author of the band’s songs.
With this training he presents himself at the “Tour Music Fest” with the unreleased track “Dottor Feelgood”, stopping at the second stage of the event.
Later on, with Pro Bono he will record two demos, “Delocalizzescion” and “Lento Lamento”. These will present their works performing at the Rockerilla (Torregrotta, ME).
After the Pro Bono experience in the summer of 2014, thanks to the drummer and friend Mirco Sapienza he came into contact with JWolf productions and met the keyboardist and arranger Dario Lisitano. Here, with the latter, he starts working on his first solo work, or an EP entitled “To not impress us anymore”.
On June 19, 2016, on youtube, he published his first single “Generation 1000 euros?” Awaiting the definitive launch of his ep.

Novo - Generazione 1000 euro?

Novo - Generazione 1000 euro?

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Novo - Generazione 1000 euro?

On June 22nd 2016 he is a guest at Radio Zenith Messina for the presentation of his single (“Generazione mille euro?)
In December 2016 he performed at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele of Messina for the event “The gallery that I would like”.
In May 2017 he publishes the video of his new single “Sulle Spiagge di Lei”.

Novo - Sulle spiagge di Lei

Novo - Sulle spiagge di Lei

Later he will take part in various events held in Messina performing at the “Music Festival 2017” and performing itinerant performances for the initiative sponsored by the municipality of Messina #BusForMe.
In July 2017 he released his first self-produced ep, “Per non impressionarci più”, containing six unreleased tracks, accompanied by a video clip of the song “Prima della regina”. Everything is presented on the city radio “RadioStreet”.
In August he follows on with performances in various local places of Messina and takes part in the “Messina OlymParty” (MOP 2017), an artistic-sporting event that will host the selections of Sanremo Giovani. On the final night of the 2017 MOP, Novo will open the Zero Assoluto concert with the songs “Generazione mille euro?” and “Prima della regina”.

Novo - Prima della Regina

Novo - Prima della Regina

For his videos and performances, this songwriter will get the attention of online newspapers, TV and local newspapers such as TempoStretto, Tcf and La Gazzetta del Sud.

In July 2019 he is selected (among submissions from all over Sicily) by the artistic director Mario Incudine, famous sicilian art director and songwriter, for the Antillo Folk Fest contest. The final phase is held on July 13th, an evening presented by Salvo La Rosa, the most famous tv presenter in Sicily.

L'Antillo Folk Fest sul Tgr Rai della Sicilia

L'Antillo Folk Fest sul Tgr Rai della Sicilia

Novo competes with two pieces composed by him, “Sulle Spiagge di Lei” and “Malatia” winning the first prize awarded by the jury chaired by Pippo Rinaldi, aka Kaballà (songwriter and author for artists of the caliber of Carmen Consoli, Mario Venuti, Eros Ramazzotti, Antonella Ruggero, Nina Zilli and many others). He was awarded a musical production and, on July 14, opened the concert “Grande Sud” by Eugenio Bennato, Mario Incudine and Peppe Servillo (Avion Travel).

Following a list of other events in which Novo took part;
LoveMeFest -- July 2018.
MOP -- August 2018.
Night of Art -- Palazzo dei Leoni, Messina, September 2018.
Blood Moon -- July 2018, exhibition on C&T.
2018 election campaign opening and closing for the Mayor Renato Accorinti.



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