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Rumbo Tumba | Electro Acoustic, Ethno, Experimental Music – (AG)


Electro Acoustic Ethno Experimental Music – ARGENTINA

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Rumbo Tumba is the electro-acoustic experimental ethno music project of the Argentine Facundo Salgado, in which experiment and fuse rhythms and ethnic musical textures originally from different parts of South America, principally from the Andean region, with Urban beats like Dub, Hip-Hop and House.
He’s work harmonize the Deep desire to live in direct contact with the nature with the dynamics of the everyday of the big cities, opening a path between the two apparently antagonist worlds. Mountains in cities, earth and asphalt, wood and electricity, they fuse together to make his music.
Live is an orchestra man. Autochthonous and  digital instruments are played and recorded in real time, creating an atmosphere of flight and movement and inviting to dance. Solid grooves of electronic drums and bass live side by side with the spell of the charango  and the wind instruments typical of the Andean region. He’s an “artisan of organic loops” that is going to build step-by-step his musical fate,  where tradition and modernity complete themselves.


From its beginnings in early 2012, RumboTumba has made more than 10 national and international tours, playing at various renowned arenas and festivals that includes: Festival Pirineos Sur (Spain); Festival Jazz al día (Spain); NDAteneo (Arg); Konex Cultural City (Arg); Festival Conectar (Arg); Festival Ajusco (Mex); Festival Real Instrumental (Bra). In 2012, he was chosen as one of the best loop projects in Argentina at ROLAND-BOSS’s “Loop Station World Championship” and was a finalist at the “La Biennale de Arte Joven Buenos Aires” (A biannual program that promotes young artists in Buenos Aires) in 2013. Throughout 2015 and 2016 he produced and curated the “Ciclo Cable Tierra” in the City of Buenos Aires, where he performed with some of the main exponents of this new Latin American music.
The particularity of his music has allowed him to share stages with a diverse set of artists, from traditional South American folklore figures, like Ramón Ayala, or from Latin world music, like Lila Downs and Calle 13, to contemporary exponents of electronic music, like Poncho, Macuanos or Villa Diamante and also with artists such as Maceo Parker or Toumani Diabaté.

At the same time, he is part of a collective project called “Ensemble Folklórico Digital”, which is a selection of the new Argentine musical talent, combining the sounds of tradition and new electronics.
He has two independently edited EP’s: “GROOVE ANDINA” (2012) and “CABLE TIERRA” (2015)
and is currently producing its first LP whose release is scheduled for May 2018 and will be called “MADERA DEL SUR” because all instruments used were built by South American luthiers with wood from trees growing on the continent.
Rumbo Tumba is surely available for concerts all around Europe in the next summer, between May and September 2018. Bookings in other periods are considered depending by the most basilar feasibility factors.



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Fabrizio Borgosano

+4915753335416 (also Whatsapp)