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Casa Verde Colectivo – #Worldmusic – México – CRUZANDO FRONTERAS #TOUR 2017



México, Worldmusic
Reggae, Ska, Rock, Cumbia, Salsa, Samba, Son Jarocho

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For Casa Verde Colectivo, the rising stars of the latin Worldmusic,  we confirmed the following gigs for the “Cruzando Fronteras Tour 2017“, more up to come:

02.06.2017 – Jam Club, Koblenz – GER
03.06.2017 – Kalkwerk Festival, Diez – GER
16.06.2017 – Atelier D-Form, Soultzbach-les-Bains – FR
21.06.2017 – Féte de la musique, Strasbourg @ Ze Trou- FR
24.06.2017 – Schmidts Biergarten, Diez – GER
01.07.2017 – Habibi Club – Diez, GER
07.07.2017 – Breit’s Bar, Breitenbach – FR
08.07.2017 – Private Event, Zürich – CH
14.07.2017 – Wüste, Zürich -CH
15.07.2017 – Lakesplash Festival – Twann, CH
18.07.2017 – Vierdaage Festival @ Smkmrkt, Nijmegen – NL
19.07.2017 – A Good Vibration, Nijmegen – NL
21-22.07.2017 – Giesinger Bräu,München – GER
28.07.2017 – De Peper, Amsterdam – NL
29.07.2017 – Zugvögel Festival – Köln, GER
01.08.2017 – Jetée de la Compagníe – Lausanne, CH
04.08.2017 – Afro Fusions Festival – Lausanne, CH
12.08.2017 – Private Event – Hofheim am Taunus, GER
17.08.2017 – Helden in het Park – Eeklo, BE
18.08.2017 – Jetlag Festival, Amsterdam – NL

You can follow our tour adventures on the Facebook event, on Twitter and of course here on our blog.

Here below some media to listen to Casa Verde Colectivo and discover them. For any information, just contact us.




CENTRAL 11: Especiales Musicales – Casa Verde Colectivo (01/04/2017)

A short documentary on Casa Verde Colectivo, by Hans Schepp



Info & booking:
Whatsapp: +49 157 5 333 54 16
Italian mobile: +39 340 69 53 499 
Skype: Coral Riff Office

Belgium: Casa Verde Colectivo #live @ Helden in Het Park #Festival

Belgium: Casa Verde Colectivo @ Helden in Het Park

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We’re happy to announce that our Casa Verde Colectivo will step on the stage of the Helden in het Park Festival in Belgium, in the wonderful scenary of the town of Eeklo, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999. The concert will take place in date 17.08.2017 h. 20:00.

Here the Facebook Event. Follow us on our Facebook Page!

-3Days -14Hours -17Minutes -13Seconds

Germany: Casa Verde Colectivo #live @ Kalkwerk #Festival, 3rd June 2017 #Diez

Germany: Casa Verde Colecivo live @ Kalkwerk Festival

Germany Kalkwerk Festival
Kalkwerk Festival

The “Kalkwerk” is like the historic festival of Rheinland Pfaltz. Born in 1980 in the industrial district of Diez, pretty little town in typical German style, calls young and less young people from all over the region in a very friendly and eager atmosphere.

The whole proceeds of the box office will be entirely devolved to the needy people of the region, expecially to who lost his house.

Casa Verde Colectivo‘s guys are very anxious to step on their stage and this will happen in Saturday 3rd June 2017 for the 37th edition of the festival.

See you there! \m_

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Germany: Casa Verde Colectivo @ ZUGVÖGEL #FESTIVAL, 29 Juli 2017 #Köln

Germany: CASA VERDE COLECTIVO live @ Zugvögel Festival

Germany CVC Zugvoegel

We are glad to announce that the amazing show of our Casa Verde Colectivo, will take place also in the wonderful green scenary of the countryside of Köln, in Germany at the border with Belgium. Our hosts there will be the friends of the Zugvögel Festival in date 29.07.2017. More informations about the band everywhere in this website and about the festival on their website.

See u there!

-23Days -10Hours -17Minutes -14Seconds

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